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German Programmes

The following are programmes from tournaments held in Germany. All the programmes are German language and contain profiles and photographs of the players. See also the Davis Cup section for ties involving Germany. All are in very good condition unless otherwise stated.

As stock is continually changing please email Tennis Collectables with a list of the item(s) you are interested in and we will then get back to you with details of postage costs. All prices include postage within the UK; overseas customers will be charged additional postage. We can accept payment by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), PayPal, Sterling cheques and Postal Orders, Switch/Maestro, and International Money Orders in sterling.

Internationale Hallenmeisterschaft von Deutschland, Rot-Weiss Club, Cologne Jan/Feb 1956 (Winners Johansson/Gibson) 12.50 (approx $21.25)

Internationale Tennis Meisterschaften, Hamburg, July/August 1956 (Winners Hoad/Long) Programme in form of an 8 page drawsheet 7.50 (approx $12.75)

Internationales Tennis Turnier, Baden Baden, September 1956 (Winners Brichant/Buding) 10.00 (approx $17.00)

Internationale Hallenmeisterschaft von Deutschland, Rot-Weiss Club, Cologne Jan/Feb 1957 (Winners Darmon/Shilcock) 12.50 (approx $21.25)

Goldstar Cup 86, Cologne, March/April 1986 Profiles of the players plus review (Winner Jonas Svensson) 10.00 (approx $17.00)

Frankfurt Cup 87, Frankfurt, November 1987 Players included Wilander, Gomez, Mayotte. Profiles of players plus photos of previous years tournaments (Winner Tim Mayotte) 10.00 (approx $17.00)

Frankfurt Cup 89, Frankfurt, October 1989  Players included Curren, Courier, Ivanisevic, Sampras, Stich. Profiles of the players plus photos from previous years (Winner Kevin Curren) 10.00 (approx $17.00)

Berlin Open 1990, Berlin, October 1990  Players included Sampras, Ivanisevic, Korda. Profiles of players plus photo review of previous years tournament (Winner Ronald Agenor) 10.00 (approx $17.00)

Holsten International, Berlin, October 1991  Players included Stich, Forget, Bruguera. Features on Michael Stich, Guy Forget, Alexander Volkov (Winner Petr Korda) 10.00 (approx $17.00)

Fuji Film Super Tennis, Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, December 1991  Exhibition match featuring Jimmy Connors and Michael Stich 2.50 (approx $4.25)

Mercedes Cup, Stuttgart, July 1993 (Draw included Bruguera, Medvedev, Stich, Winner Magnus Gustafsson) 8.50 (approx $14.45)

BMW Open, Munich, April 1997  Profiles of players including Enqvist, Moya, Philippoussis, (Winner Philippoussis) 15.00 (approx $25.50)

Peugeot World Team Cup, Dusseldorf, 19-25 May 1997  Profiles of all the players - Sampras, Enqvist, Stich, Philippoussis, Woodies, Ivanisevic. Pictures of the winning teams over the last 20 years. Winner Spain 15.00 (approx $25.50)

Mercedes Cup, Stuttgart July 1997  Profiles of players including Stich, Muster, Becker, Kafelnikov, Corretja, Bruguera, Rios, Kuerten, Costa, Mantilla, Kiefer (Winner Corretja) 15.00 (approx $25.50)

ATP Tour World Championship, Hanover, November 1997  Detailed profiles of all players - Sampras, Chang, Rafter, Bjorkman, Rusedski, Moya, Bruguera, Muster, Kuerten (Winner Sampras) 15.00 (approx $25.50)

Mercedes Cup, Stuttgart July 1998 Profiles of the players, plus review of 1997 event (Winner Kuerten) 15.00 (approx $25.50)

Porsche Grand Prix, Filderstadt, October 1998 Features on Steffi Graf, Martina Hingis, Jana Novotna, Anna Kournikova, Amanda Coetzer and profiles of the players (Winner Testud) 17.50 (approx $29.75)

Arag World Team Cup, Dusseldorf, 20-26 May 2001  Profiles of all the players including Safin, Kafelnikov, Norman, Enqvist, Bjorkman, Rafter, Hewitt, Corretja, Ferrero, Sampras, Gambill, Roddick, Clement, Kiefer, Haas 20.00 (approx $34.00)

Tennis Masters Series Stuttgart October 2001  Player profiles including Hewitt, Rafter, Kafelnikov, Safin, Henman, Sampras, Corretja, Federer, Haas, Ivanisevic plus reviews of the earlier Masters Series events 20.00 (approx $34.00)

NEW Arag World Team Cup, Dusseldorf, 18-24 May 2003 Profiles with photos of all the players in teams from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic (Russian team replaced by USA) (Winners Argentina) 20.00 (approx $34.00)