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Birmingham, Edgbaston Priory Club Programmes

The following are all programmes for tournaments held at the Edgbaston Priory Club in Birmingham, England. The Club hosts the ladies pre-Wimbledon grass court tournament. The programmes contain profiles and photographs of the players. All the programmes are in very good condition unless otherwise stated.

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Stars of Lawn Tennis Presented by Jack Kramer, August 1961  Professional event featuring Lew Hoad, Ken Rosewall, Pancho Segura, Tony Trabert. Short profile and photos of each player. 24 pages. Staples rusting. 15.00 (approx $25.50)

NEW John Player Tennis Tournament, June 1978 Players included Jimmy Connors, Stan Smith, Roscoe Tanner, Arthur Ashe, John Newcombe, Brian Gottfried, Raul Ramirez  (Winner Jimmy Connors) 7.50 (approx $12.75)

DFS Classic, June 1994  Player profiles include Zina Garrison, Iva Majoli, Nathalie Tauziat, Lori McNeilBrenda Schultz, Meredith McGrath, Pam Shriver. 32 pages. (Winner Lori McNeil). 5.00 (approx $8.50)

DFS Classic, June 1995  Player profiles include Lori McNeil, Lisa Raymond, Zina Garrison, Nathalie Tauziat, Larisa Neiland, Miriam Oremans, Meredith McGrath, Gigi Fernandez, Pam Shriver. Includes feature interview with David Lloyd. (Winner Zina Garrison). 32 pages. 5.00 (approx $8.50)

DFS Classic, June 1996  Player profiles include Brenda Schultz, Irina Spirlea, Natasha Zvereva, Nathalie Tauziat, Zina Garrison, Lori McNeil, Miriam Oremans, Gigi Fernandez. (Winner Meredith McGrath). 32 pages. 6.00 (approx $10.20)

DFS Classic, June 1999  Player profiles include Nathalie Tauziat, Natasha Zvereva, Sandrine Testud, Brenda Schultz, Magdalena Maleeva, Sam Smith, Lisa Raymond, Cara Black. Feature article on Nathalie Tauziat. (Winner Halard-Decugis). 32 pages. 6.00 (approx $10.20)

DFS Classic, June 2000 Contains player profiles including Tauziat, Halard, Dechy, Talaja, Raymond, Sidot, Kremer, Stevenson. 36 pages. (Winner Raymond) 6.00 (approx $10.20)